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Queen City Cincinnati HospiceProfessional Care

Queen City Cincinnati Hospice located in Ohio provides professional care for elderly or infirm patients. Hospice care is frequently necessary for a loved one experiencing a chronic or terminal illness. You can choose to have a family member remain at home or in an assisted living situation. An individual with a life limiting health condition requires specialized care provided by compassionate health care workers. It is important for patients to assist in making a decision concerning end of life decisions. Patients typically want to maintain their independence as long as possible while continuing to live in a private residence. However, many infirm patients must move to a residential facility with 24-hour emergency medical care.

Visit Agencies

Elderly individuals frequently require the assistance of adult children and grandchildren in making an appropriate decision concerning end of life care. Finding a great living situation for your elderly parent or grandparent begins by visiting an agency that cares for aging adults. Adults requiring Queen City Cincinnati Hospice services usually have a combination of health conditions including chronic pain and frequent hospitalizations. Diagnosed health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes or dementia are common for individuals requiring round-the-clock care from trained health care professionals. An elderly individual may be unable to complete everyday tasks on their own leading to loss of weight or poor hygiene habits. Living with help from certified nursing assistants either at home or in a facility is often the best solution for an elderly individual.

Company Culture

Providing patient centered care to infirm or elderly clients is an important part of our company’s culture. We founded our company after many years of experience working with clients and families in various medical settings. Before beginning to offer services, we researched community resources to find ways to help individuals find excellent care toward the end of life. Having knowledgeable staff is an integral element of our agency’s success. The employees that we hire must have a high-level of patience and compassion for their patients. In addition, excellent communication and a positive attitude are necessary when working with elderly and infirm clients.

Excellent Staffing

We complete thorough criminal history background checks on every employee to ensure a loved one’s safety at all times. At Queen City Cincinnati Hospice, we go beyond the legal requirements by also requiring psychological testing before hiring our staff. Our agency insures and bonds all employees before sending them out on assignments to private residences or facilities. We provide specialized training to our employees concerning caring for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease patients. Our staff continually upgrades training with new medical information that can help your parents or grandparents continue to live a full life.

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