Hospice Services

teamWhen a loved one has a terminal illness, it can be a time of profound emotional pain for everyone in the family. Patients face physical struggles along with fears of their own mortality. Families mourn their loved one’s decline while trying to make them comfortable in their last days.

Hospice is a compassionate health care alternative for patients who are expected to live no more than six months. Hospice services are offered to patients when the treatments they have been receiving can no longer help them to recover. At this point, Hospice can provide services that allow patients to live their final days in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Hospice help can include nursing care, homemaker and home health aide services, spiritual support, social services, respite care, trained volunteer support, and physical, speech or occupational therapy. The services can be offered to the patient wherever they are located, whether that be in a private residence, at a nursing home or in an assisted living facility.

Finding the right hospice care for a loved one can be a daunting task. Families need to determine whether a patient is eligible for hospice, what kind of services are offered, what medical professionals are available to provide care, what the costs are and who pays for these expenses.

Queen City Hospice in Cincinnati is a premier health care company serving the communities in southwestern Ohio. The local, independently owned business is a leading provider of hospice care in the area. Queen City Hospice uses a trained, caring team of experts to ensure that its patients have the best possible quality of life in the time remaining.

The Queen City team is supervised by a physician specializing in pain and symptom management as well as the patient’s own physician. The team’s experienced registered nurses can provide “palliative care,” or care aimed at reducing disease symptoms and pain. Social workers, counselors and chaplains are available to assist the patient and family as they cope with the stresses of terminal illness. Patients also have assistance from trained volunteers and from hospice aides who can help with dressing, bathing, feeding, and simple food preparation.

Families who are concerned about the cost of hospice care will find that it is often completely covered by insurance. At Queen City Hospice in Cincinnati, patients who meet certain guidelines will have 100 percent coverage under Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and commercial insurance plans.

When choosing a hospice provider, one of the most important factors to consider is the satisfaction of those who have hired a company in the past. On an independent family satisfaction survey conducted in 2012, Queen City Hospice in Cincinnati had higher rankings than hospices both nationally and locally. The company’s owners are directly involved in daily operations, providing the groundwork for excellence in hospice care.

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