Hospice Services

Hospice DefinitionCompassionate Care

Many individuals seeking health care assistance for a love one approaching the end of life require a hospice definition. Individuals often do not want to think about the subject of palliative care for an elderly family member. However, due to the larger number of older individuals, the necessity for compassionate care is increasing. An individual may require specialized care due to a terminal illness such as cancer or heart disease. Often, a patient will only have weeks or months to live before death. Each day an increasing number of elderly individuals receive a diagnosis of a dementia type of condition such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Professional Caregivers

Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease may live for many years but be unable to care for themselves. In the past, families cared for elderly parents or grandparents at home. However, today many families are working full-time jobs while also caring for young children. This means that families require assistance from professional health care providers with specialized training in conditions such as dementia. Understanding a hospice definition is essential before hiring an agency that provides expert caregivers. An individual receiving hospice or palliative assistance is typically within their last year of life. In many cases, the approaching time of death is much less than a year. The ill individual is in a terminal situation where there is no attempt to cure a disease.

Feeling Comfortable

Instead, the purpose of palliative care is to make a patient feel comfortable and as pain free as possible. Medications and other treatments to reduce pain while maintaining a patient’s quality of life is of high importance in a palliative care situation. Caregivers, physicians and family members must work together to find a balance between providing pain relief and keeping a patient functional. In most cases, palliative care is provided by professional caregivers in private residences such as the client’s own home. Remaining in a home is the primary choice for most hospice care patients at the end of life. When a grandparent or parent requires palliative care, family members can count on agencies such as the Queen City Care in Cincinnati to help with caregiver assistance.

Hire Professionals

While meeting with a knowledgeable palliative care agency, family members and clients will learn the hospice definition from experts. It is important for individuals who require assistance for a life limiting condition to seek help as soon as possible. Having safe and compassionate care from professionals provides a terminally ill patient more time to spend with family and friends. Anyone seeking hospice and palliative care must choose an agency such as Queen City Care in Cincinnati that has a high reputation and standard for hiring caregivers.

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