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Nobody wants to think about having to place a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility, but the unfortunate truth is that many of our aging loved ones will reach a point in their lives when they can no longer live alone in their homes without assistance. Some may have physical limitations from degeneration or specific health conditions, and others may have mental health issues, such as mild dementia or mild Alzheimer’s, which may give you concern for their well-being. While some individuals may need additional assistance at home, a nursing home or assisted living facility are not the only solutions. Cincinnati hospice care from the team at Queen City Care is another solution.


The Benefits of Hospice
With Cincinnati hospice care in general, your loved one will be able to remain at home while receiving the care he or she needs, and this can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Being removed from a home that the individual has lived in for years can be traumatic, and this can make an impact on a person’s physical and emotional health. Hospice care provides the individual with professional health services as well as other services that can assist with basic hygiene, personal assistance with chores around the house and more. With Queen City Care, the level of care and the type of services provided can be tailored to meet the individual’s needs.

Why Choose Queen City Hopsice
When it comes to selecting a Cincinnati hospice care provider to work with, you may have a number of factors to consider. First, you will want to find a care provider that offers the right combination of services for your loved one’s needs. You will also want to find a care provider that has a long standing reputation of excellence in the local community. When you take a closer look at the reputation of and services offered by Queen City Care, you will find that we are the right solution for your needs. Our well-trained staff can provide your loved one with compassionate care and services that are tailored specifically to meet his or her needs.

If you have been thinking about placing your loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility, you may consider the benefits of looking at hospice care instead. With assistance from Queen City Hospice, your loved one can stay at home while still receiving quality care on a regular basis. If you are interested in learning more about the care that Queen City Care can provide to your loved one, take time to contact a representative. With a closer look at the services available, you may decide that this is the right solution for your needs.

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