Queen City Hospice’s Legacy Program is offered for the purpose of affirming and honoring the life an individual has lived. Upon admission to Queen City Hospice, each patient in our care, and their family, is offered the opportunity to create a beautiful keepsake photo book. Queen City Hospice volunteers assist families in gathering photos, memorabilia, stories and memories that are then used to create a hardbound photo book. The first photo book is provided to the family as a gift from Queen City Hospice, free of charge.


Hospice Patients Write Their Legacy, Cincinnati.com February 28th, 2014
Stories of days gone by are captured in a hardbound book with the help of Queen City Hospice volunteers and staff.

Through the Legacy Program, patients and families work to compile a book which is unique to the patient. Katie placed a handwritten recipe card as part of her book. She was one who always loved to cook and she wanted to be sure the zucchini bread recipe was passed down through the generations to come. Don included a paystub from his days after the war when he was employed by GE. $81.00 hard earned dollars captured in the glossy pages of his book, sure to evoke giggles from his grandchildren as they compare wages of then, and now.

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